Debbie L. London designed this deck with self-healers in mind. Not everyone wants to go therapy at first or some people want to add additional kick to their healing journey if they have already sought therapy. No matter which category you fall into, these cards will definitely assist you on your journey to ending the cycles of generational trauma and getting to the core of your true self. Every time you answer a question in this deck, you are breaking a link in the chain that has kept you bound to toxic behaviors and beliefs. Some topics can be triggering and may require additional support to work through it. It is suggested to do one card per day as to not overwhelm yourself. If a card doesn't apply simply skip it. Shuffle the deck good before picking a card. Some questions may be asked in different ways and that is intentional to assist with getting to the core of certain issues. Grab your journals to answer each prompt. Happy Healing and you should be proud of the work you are doing to break the generational curses in your bloodline.


The cycle ends with YOU!



Generational Healing Cards


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